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Growing weed at home is easier than it's made out to be - http://juicedcannabis.tip.me but when it comes to the best time to harvest marijuana for the best potency, I still have a lot to learn and experiment with. Here I display a set of six flowering cannabis plants and come up with a way to harvest them over time so, as a new grower, I can start learning when is the best time to cut and cure this specific strain of medical marijuana. Why I Create Home Weed Growing Tip Videos: First, I created my vLog as a way to journal my new medical marijuana home growing, second, this channel will serve as one of the best places to learn about all aspects of the best home grow. As laws change, more and more people will be searching for tips and answers to questions about how to grow, when to harvest, how to cure, how to remove smell from your grow, and everything else you need. Third: it is my aim that this project will become a revenue generating asset that will help me pay for my meds and expenses of running a home grow. I will create videos that show how much money I am making - and exactly how I created helpful content that turns into a way to make money from teaching people to grow weed at home! grow op, growing weed