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Is container gardening your thing? If so, perhaps you will enjoy this walk through my herb & pepper container garden where I have over 50 plants growing! I will spend a while walking through and explain some of the tricks I use this time of year to keep them growing! Here are the plants I will discuss: Kaffir Lime Tree (3) Basil Plants ( 3 ) Cilantro Nasturtiums ( 8 ) Chelsea Cucumber Thessaloniki Tomato Ampius Pepper (2) Sweet Pea Currant Tomato Sweet Bay Laurel (2) Calamondin Meyer Lemon Tree Scallions (Many!) French Tarragon Golden Cayenne Pepper Havasu Pepper Serrano Habanero Pepper Tabasco Pepper Thai Red Pepper Galangal Lemongrass Pomegranate I will touch on some of these plants: Thyme (Lime and Lavender) Parsley Chives Dill Lettuce ( Cut & Come Again, Lolla Rossa) Oregano Mint Pickling Cucumber Misc. Peppers - Mammoth Jalapeno (2), Thai Yellow, Many more!