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Learn how to grow an organic large tomato plant with a deep root base. This tip and trick talks about how to grow a six foot tall tomato plant. It is important to fertilize your garden. If you are planning on planting in the spring, be sure to have fertilized in the fall. There are a variety of fertilizers you can use. If you are a new gardener you can start with using all-purpose fertilizers from the store and work your way to more organic fertilizers. If you are more experienced you may want to try diluting an all-purpose fertilizer as well as trying other organic products, such as cow manure. 4 to 6 inches of cow manure can be layered around the garden and then rototilled. In order to have a strong root base it is important to bury the tomato plant deep, only showing about six inches of plant on the top. For this video an eleven inch miniature greenhouse and eighteen inch miniature greenhouse were used to add heat to the plant and stimulate growth. For this tomato plant only an 11 inch and 18 inch miniature greenhouses were needed, but sometimes it is necessary to go up to a 36 inch greenhouse. If you get up to a 36 inch greenhouse it is important to shake the plant for pollination. The important steps to remember to grow a six foot tall tomato plant are bury it deep, put an 11 inch miniature greenhouse over it, and than an 18 inch miniature greenhouse over that. No other process promises these results! For more information visit us at: http://www.growitnow.com