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As far as I know, this is the new world record for the most / highest stacks without using bots or scripts! We even broke the feral flare stack record I believe, setting it to be 1121! This was on Ultra Rapid Fire / URF. Thanks to everyone who joined the stream! Watch me Live: http://www.twitch.tv/Jeremy_GamingCurios Stay connected at: https://www.facebook.com/GamingCurios Send any questions to me via YouTube PM! Curse Voice Keys: b4dbe7a6-b5ac-4344-8ec2-4b3689f264a1 0fc39d10-76b7-434a-b49d-b6fbd244c437 c3b23cf6-028d-4a3a-8b99-bab0b21c8eb7 30b9a63e-5d4d-41d0-a964-91048d4f341f e56cffcd-820f-4326-82d1-f95d44d82101 6acb4fa0-c7f1-43e7-bb72-3cbc32f7923d 8cbb5462-57eb-42d6-ae1d-56d21d0a994a 0e489b20-53a9-4dc1-a48f-bf1f84721ea5 c000c52b-24e6-4477-b9e9-c84a8acca5e1