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Grow the Taro Plant for some awesome Taro Roots right in your garden. Taro Root is a delicious, nutty vegetable that is easy to grow. Get tips on how to grow, fertilize and harvest Taro Root in your back yard. Taro Root is a very interesting vegetable known by different names such as: Cocoyam Dasheen Arbi Arvi Colocasia Satoimo Gabi Mukhi kochu Inhame 芋头 芋艿 芋頭, Yùtou Tiquisque Tiquizque Arrow root Nduma Kolkas Kolokasi ñame Kasu Ghandyali Chembu-kizhangu Cheppankilangu Saru Kilkass Pindalu Toran Aroei Pheuak Chino Background music provided by Corel VideoStudio ultimate and is royalty free.