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Crackling Fire is a new boliviensis begonia series from Suntory offered to growers who want a begonia that can be grown in a smaller pot. Its upright habit offers durability and compactness that is sure to bring large benefits when shipping times become hectic and survivability is a must to get this plant to market. This plant is self-cleaning and low maintenance. Crackling Fire looks great in a hanging basket, window box or patio container. The colors are distinct and will entice customers when displayed. These begonias' are drought resistant which is a great selling point, but be careful to not over water this begonia. Known as a bedding plant, these begonias also look good in a variety of places, just get creative. This series of begonias from The Suntory Collection is different because of its tighter growth habit, which will aid the grower in shipping. This plant also likes to be grown warm initially to get good vegetative growth established. Visit suntorycollection.com for this and other great plants offering outstanding grower benefits. Presented by Elizabeth Elan, of The Suntory Collection, and Aaron McDonald, from Botany Lane Greenhouse.