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►300 Likes For a Top 5 TH6 Bases!? Clash Of Clans - TH6 Top 3 Air Sweeper Town Hall 6 Bases War/Trophy/Hybrid/Farming Base Defense 2015 The Top 3 CoC Town Hall Level 6 Defense Strategy. To make the most of these bases level up your town hall 6 defense layout structures Playlist of - Other Best Clash of Clans TH6 Base Defense Strategy By - Mastersaint Clash Of Clans Town Hall 6 Defense - TH6 War Base : http://goo.gl/iGdCGa CoC Town Hall Level 6 Defense - TH6 Farming Base 2015 : http://goo.gl/e4Kd3I Town Hall 6 Defense Layout Strategy With Air Sweeper 2015 - TH6 Trophy Hybrid Base : https://goo.gl/U6aNLD Clash Of Clans - TH6 Top 3 Town Hall 6 Bases 2015! War/Trophy/Hybrid/Farming Base Defense Strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTTHhEZmRF8 ------ I offer, Clash of Clans Comedy, strategies And Tactics as well as Town Hall Defense And ClashofClans Base Builds (Hybrid, Trophy, Farming, War) for TH5 TH6 TH7 TH8 And TH9 subscribe for more!