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Decided that it had warmed up enough to start to plant out this years potatoes. As I have limited room, growing in pots gets me more spuds per square foot than growing in the ground plus it's a lot easier to harvest if the weather is foul. I just plant 2 seed potatoes into a 30 litre pot on top of 3-4" of multipurpose compost with an additional 3 oz of blood fish and bone fertiliser added. Then as the plant grows just keep topping up the pot leaving some leaves above the surface. I have had ten pounds of potatoes from just one pot in the past using this method,and because the roots are allowed to grow through the drainage holes in the pot into the soil below the plant gets added nutrients and moisture. Compost may be expensive but I haven't enough room to grow rows of spuds outdoors in the soil. http://www.allotment-diary.co.uk