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Does anyone you know play League of Legends or is wanting to start? Then these 9 tips are sure to help! Want CHEAP STEAM games? https://www.g2a.com/r/draeden Agree or Disagree with anything in this list? Let me know in the comments below! Don't Forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! 1. Never Give Up, Never surrender! The exception to this is when you have one player clearly running into the enemy team just to feed, one afk'd at base, and another building all AP on their AD Carry. Unless this describes your game, DON'T SURRENDER! There is a 50% chance the other team will throw the game. If the other team has some dumb players that just so happen to get an early game advantage, they may start playing more ballsy and start making bad calls, enabling you to catch up and maybe even win. 2.Encourage your friends, Ignore your Enemies! While I do mean this figuratively I also mean this literally. If your jungler comes in and provides you with a good gank, tell them so! If your support is setting you up for some beautiful kills and saving your ass with some perfect, clutch heals, tell them how awesome they are! On the flip side to that, if a player is doing nothing but bitch and rage, put them on ignore! All you reading that is going to do is make you upset, which will make you play worse. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Don't feed the trolls" and it couldn't be more true. If you just ignore them, you can get back to farming the enemy Teemo and snagging some much needed items. 3. Take Advantage of Objectives! This game isn't single player. If you come out on the positive side of a team fight, look for the most opportune objective to take, be it a tower, a dragon, or sometimes even grabbing Baron before the other team is able to retaliate. Conversely, if your bot lane takes down a turret, watch to see if the enemy returns to the lane. If so, make sure you've got 3 or 4 of you down there to make them regret that choice! 4. Stick with what you Know! Now this doesn't mean don't play new roles or try new champs. This means that when you go into ranked, take a role that you play well and select a champ that reflects that. Don't try and grab a champ that you never play just because it "counters" the other champ. It doesn't matter how well that person counters them if all you're doing is reading your tool tips and dying. 5. Don't Chase! There is almost never a good reason to chase an enemy through their jungle. There is always a better use of your time than to spend 5 minutes chasing down a Caitlin just to get a net in the face and for her to get away. If they are further away than your flash can take you, let them go. Instead, use this time where they are going back to get some free farm, push a tower, or get a couple guys to help you grab Dragon! 6. Creep Farm CAN be Better than a Kill I know this seems strange but it makes sense when you think about it. If you get their Darius low enough where he has to go back or risk dying and he is under the turret, let him go. Its better to stay in lane and get some free and easy CS than to risk getting a Noxian Guillotine to the throat under his turret. Calm down, shoot some minions in the face, and maybe get a couple tower hits in! 7. Wards Win Games! This one is very easy. For less than 100 gold you get free map hacks for a couple minutes. Why wouldn't you do this?!? Not only can you see when you are about to get kicked in the dick by Lee Sin, but you can also see when an enemy is out of position and possibly get yourself an easy kill! And if you don't have constant vision on Dragon and Baron, you're doing it wrong! 8. Don't Be That Guy ... If you enter into a ranked match and you're at the bottom of the list, don't demand a position. There is a reason you are at the bottom and if you work with the team you will be more likely to get the victory you want! Tell your team what lanes your best at and usually they will work with you. Don't make the whole team suffer just because you got you panties in a bunch because you can't play mid. That is toxic behavior and, even though you deserve to lose, the rest of your team doesn't! 9. Teamwork Make the Dream Work This is a team game. Just because you play Nasus and pend most of your days Q'ing creeps top lane, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be present when a team fight goes down. If you have 2 towers pushed and your bottom lane seems to be struggling, go help them! Also, if there is someone on your team getting wrecked by their opposition, show them some love and gank for them, don't just tell them they're bad and /all GG so everyone knows you think they're bad. Remember if you end up losing, its THE TEAM that loses, not just that one person!