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Today I thought I would share some quick tips that I use to help save money while gardening. I love gardening for a lot of reasons. It is a source of enjoyment that serves as a wonderful classroom for my son and it helps me save some money. While I have invested in building my garden this is the time of year it starts to pay me back in produce. 0:28 Reduce the Cost of Groceries 1:06 Focus on High Cost Crops 1:18 Free and Local Fertilizer Resources 2:00 Make Free Garden Soil 2:08 Using Rain Water to Save Money 2:43 Reusing Water from the Kitchen in the Garden 2:53 Save Seeds to Save Money 3:05 Starting your own Seedlings Saves Money 3:32 Investing in Perennial Fruit and Nut Producing Plants 3:51 Propagating Perennials to Save Money 4:08 Process Crops to Higher Value Products 4:43 Building from Recycled or Naturally Sources Materials